‘I’m Not Angry’: – Alan Alda Says About Living With Parkinson’s

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Yesterday Alan Alda did a very brave and important thing: he showed us how very difficult things can propel us forward in a positive direction. Revealing he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease three years ago, Alda said he’s since lived “a full life.”  “I’ve acted, I’ve given talks, I help at the Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook.”

Though he was careful not to diminish the serious, even incapacitating symptoms that Parkinson’s can bring, Alda said he wanted to encourage people not to be “immobilized” by fear.


This was so inspiring. Alda did not soft-pedal what lies ahead, but he did show us the paradoxical way that very difficult things can propel us forward without being overtaken by fear.  Whether it’s a  degenerative disease, relationship implosion or career setback, we can adjust to the new conditions and still find a way to be happy, creative and go on to make our unique contribution to others.

This month, in The Departure Lounge, we are inviting submissions on this theme.  We would love to hear about a time when you received a setback that appeared to be ‘negative’ on the surface, but required some kind of adaptation, a Plan B, that was ultimately positive and life-affirming.

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