Group Facilitation


ur culture is pre-disposed to avoid or rush through experiences that are uncomfortable. The things we say (or don’t say) as we walk out the door are what people remember most. Thoughtless communications during times of change and duress often compound the difficulties, leaving team members dis-heartened. Trust and engagement take a beating.

Rushing through endings—which are inherently poignant—deprives organizations of the opportunity to cultivate psychological safety, which is a top predictor of high performing teams.

Honorable Closure provides a mindful way to address the inherent discomfort of endings in a straight-forward and useful way.  When people know their concerns are acknowledged and understood, they are more likely to speak up and take risks. That’s good for business and good for humanity.

I would be honored to work with you to customize a gathering for your team.

Times when Honorable Closure could be of value include:

  • Saying good-bye to a beloved leader or colleague
  • Completing a large project or product launch
  • Preparing for a period of major transition, i.e., mergers & acquisitions, lay-offs
  • Closing out a challenging year or business cycle

This work came out of my own frustration with the traditional Project Post Mortems many companies use, which too often focus on what didn’t work verses celebrating and befriending failures as an essential part of all success.  Honorable Closure allows you to:

  • Acknowledge individual contributions in a real and genuine way
  • Collect and integrate what you have gained
  • Tell your collective story in a new way
  • Celebrate and reframe failure, capturing the learning’s for future use
  • Mend or strengthen work relationships
  • Build trust and engagement

The team will walk away with tools they can use during future change initiatives.

I invite you to complete the form below and our office will contact you to set up an exploratory call.

  • Linda introduced her process for honorable closure to our team as a way to support us through some challenging staff transitions. Her quietly powerful approach served as a kind of tonic, and provided a supportive framework for all of us to move forward. She ably discerned our situation and attuned her facilitation to the unique needs of the group.

    John Bloom VP, Organizational Culture, RSF Social Finance
  • "In mid-December, our team gathered and Linda led us through a process to find some peace and closure after a year of extraordinary change. She created a space for us to pause, reflect, let go, and call forth hope for the future. It was a magnificent way to end the year!”

    Chris Marcell Murchison, M. Ed. HopeLab | Staff Development and Culture | Vice President
  • "Linda Curtis brings a rare combination of executive presence, presentation savvy, and facilitation skills to her work of teaching and training in mindful living and skillful leadership."

    Marc Lesser CEO, Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute