Linda provides coaching, mentoring and team facilitation for Honorable Closure and more. These services are always customized to the specific needs of the individual or organizations. All of Linda’s services are infused with her life experience. Please use one of the links below to learn more:

For Individuals
Mentoring for individuals who are experiencing any one of the 5 Universal Transitions, which always involve an ending, exit or good-bye: Relationship, Work & Contribution, Health, Role, Identity.

For Executives
As an executive coach, Linda supports corporate leaders to lead more powerfully, to achieve their goals and to communicate more authentically.

For Teams
Linda’s track record and expertise working with corporate cultures is world class. She excels at helping teams deal with transitions including project endings, exit strategy for key leaders, mergers and layoffs.

For Leaving a Religion
Access a valuable eight-page downloadable resource written especially for those leaving fundamentalist religions.