Write Your Own Declaration of Independence

 In Honorable Closure (HC), Letting Go

Perhaps you, like me are looking forward to celebrating Independence Day with a picnic feast, outdoor rock ‘n’ roll concert and fireworks with your loved ones. Given all the excitement over this week’s Supreme Court ruling for Marriage Equality, I have been feeling deeply grateful for the many freedoms I enjoy, and have been reflecting on all the work others did to make that possible.  Both American Independence and Marriage Equality are examples of how individuals and groups can practice Honorable Closure.

Like most transitions, July 4, 1776 was the end of one thing (tolerance of oppression by the British government) that opened the way for something fresh and revolutionary (freedom, civil liberty, democracy, a declaration that all people are created equal).

The second would not have occurred without the first. The collective had to Let Go.

Breaking Away

The first step, made via the unanimous Declaration of Independence, was controversial, risky, but also inevitable. The energy, desire and intention of the people were irrepressible.  Breaking away was the only choice. Aren’t you grateful that our founding fathers had the courage to go for it?

Now, 239 years later, we see the highest court in the land via declarative law extending legal marriage nationwide to LGBT couples. Controversial, yes, but this break from sexual oppression was just as inevitable as our break from British oppression. It took courage and hard work by countless unnamed heroes, many at great personal cost. It is with elation that we—the majority of American citizens—embrace this expanded guarantee of freedom, civil liberty and social equality as an expression of our democracy and humanity. As an expression of our love. There are those who will fight it, but the Love Train has left the station, and love always trumps fear. Always. That’s Honorable Closure.

What Do You Want to Declare?

As we celebrate and appreciate all that is good and true about these events, we can ride the wave of momentum they create by taking personal action.

What are you tolerating?  What is it time to tell the truth about? What desire for freedom are you feeling right now, in your own life? What exits, endings or good-byes are inevitable?  Are you thinking of breaking away from a community, relationship or job that no longer serves you?  Perhaps you have already mustered the courage to proceed.

Hang in there.  Letting go and moving forward can be discombobulating, but following your heart is always worth it. With mindfulness, it is possible to end things well and honor yourself and others in the process.

Freedom brings relief from the tension of oppression that can launch us into the new, revolutionary life we dream of. One way to leverage that energy infusion is to write your own Declaration of Independence. Write about it like it is something real that is already true.  Declare it so and then make it so by living into it, one day at a time.

I hope this post has been helpful to you. If you have any questions you can email me at any time, or post a response on Facebook.