Keynote Speaker

Linda Curtis is an accomplished keynote speaker who has been a moderator and speaker for a wide variety of conferences, summits and professional associations including:, the “Women’s Intelligence Trust” forum hosted by Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Santa Clara Universities Women’s Dialogue Series, Thompson Financial Electronic Payment Conference, The Direct Response Forum and the Federal Reserve Bank.
Linda always meets with the hosting organization before her presentations in order to customize her talk to your needs.

Linda’s keynotes are ideal for:

  • HR Professionals and recruiters
  • Outplacement Firms
  • Corporate off-sites for teams in transition
  • Professional groups (therapist, grief counselors, coaches)
  • Financial advisors
  • Any environment where a Merger or Aquisition is underway

Example Keynote:

Transform Any Ending Into A Fresh Start – 4 Steps to Skillful Endings

In this 60-to-120-minute interactive keynote presentation, participants are introduced to the 4-Step Honorable Closure process. Using stories and interactive exercises, the group explores the steps of the process and comes away with:

  • A clear idea of how the 4 -Step Process can support the audience and/or their clients
  • A new way to talk about/see the ending or exit.
  • An honest assessment of key learnings and outcomes.
  • Clarity about what actions are needed to be complete and a plan to move forward.

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