Services for Leaving a Religion


Leaving a fundamentalist religion is a life-altering choice that can generate guilt, shame and confusion. Entertaining new ideas or questioning old ones is often considered sinful.

Quite the contrary — it is brave to question long-held beliefs that once gave you comfort. You are not crazy or selfish; it is the belief system that is lacking if it no longer satisfies your spiritual needs. Perhaps it never did.

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“Leaving The Fold” Teleclass Special Series

If you are looking to move past the pain and discomfort of leaving your religion and begin the work of reclaiming joy and a sense of belonging, this teleclass is for you.

In this teleclass you will:

  • Experience a sense of community.
  • Share personal stories.
  • Unburden yourself of guilty feelings.
  • Break the cycle of fearful thinking.
  • Reclaim joy and a sense of belonging.

It takes a lot of courage to leave a community, and it’s wise to have support along the way. You do not have to go it alone. This 8-series teleclass offers a supportive, guilt-free environment where you will learn the Eight Steps to Wholeness that Linda developed through her own experience.

The series offers a one-hour pre-course mentoring consultation with Linda, access to Linda on the calls, supportive resources, a dedicated Google Group, and connection with others in similar circumstances. Specific reading, exercises and practices will be suggested between classes.

The next -teleseries will be scheduled when sufficient interest is expressed and at least 4 people are committed. (Private phone sessions are also available.) Please e-mail Linda of your interest or subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates.