Mentoring Services For Individuals

This is your chance to work with someone who has been there. The 4-Step Honorable Closure Process is particularly appropriate for those who may be experiencing:

  • Career transition (wanted or unwanted)
  • The end of a marriage or partnership
  • The completion of a phase of life: single to married, married to single
  • Leaving a long-standing community (religious or secular)
  • Loss of a partner or loved one

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Using a 4-Step appreciative inquiry process Linda mentors individuals through major transitional events to reach a dignified completion. Through her unique method, clients:

  • Awaken to new perspectives.
  • Are inspired to take courageous action.
  • Move into the future unencumbered by their past and unfinished business.
  • Resolve regrets and reclaim joy.
  • Figure out what is next and go do it.

The Honorable Closure process deepens your capacity to work through future endings with skill and grace.

As a mentor, Linda knows the territory and how it feels to traverse it. She knows the pitfalls and has found ways to work through them. As someone who has gone before and blazed the trail, Linda offers guidance based on her hard-won experience and inspires her clients by reminding them of what is possible.

Mentoring Sessions & Packages

Mentoring Session
A 90-minute single session conducted by phone, Skype or in person. Many clients find that they are able to realize honorable closure through one focused conversation.

Mentoring Package
For those seeking more in-depth work and support, Linda offers three-session or six-session packages. Over a period of weeks or months, individuals work with Linda by phone, Skype or in person to practice the 4-Step Honorable Closure process.

Mentoring Day
A five-hour, highly personalized mentoring day with Linda Curtis, which includes:

  • Pre-call to determine the focus and main objectives of the day.
  • An intensive, customized five-hour in-person or Skype session with Linda.
  • One 30-minute follow-up call two weeks post session.
  • A personalized plan of practices, readings and actions based on the discoveries of the day.

To schedule a complimentary consultation, Contact Linda.