Services For Executives

A Seasoned Corporate Executive

Linda spent twenty years in the corporate world and held a variety of leadership positions including senior director at Visa and vice president at Harris Bank. For more than a decade, she has worked as an executive coach with hundreds of C-suite executives, leaders and entrepreneurs from such companies as MasterCard, NASDAQ and KPMG. (Learn more about Linda’s Experience.)

Executive Coaching and Honorable Closure
Now, combining this corporate and executive coaching experience with her Honorable Closure Process, Linda’s work can support executives in these and other ways:

  • Leaving an organization or work group
  • Completing a large successful project
  • Moving into a new leadership position
  • Ending a difficult work relationship
  • Regrouping from a project that failed
  • Experiencing a merger or acquisition

Executive Coaching Results & Approach
As an executive coach, Linda is a strategic-thinking partner and confidential advisor in your professional development.

In collaboration with Linda, executives will:

  • Cultivate Authentic Leadership Presence: Show up in a way that is aligned with your personal values.
  • Fine Tune Communication Skills: Understand and use the power of language to create the conditions and results you want.
  • Develop Political Intuition: Discern how decisions are made and how things get done in your world so you can collaborate and influence with integrity and precision.
  • Foster Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence: Sharpen your discernment and develop self-awareness, empathy and clarity to improve decision-making.

Multi-month coaching collaborations allow for greater depth and development. During each engagement, Linda uses a variety of assessment tools, such as 360 reviews, Hogan, HBDI, and the Enneagram, as needed.

The program outcomes and length of engagement are determined by mutual agreement.

Sample Packages

Single-Session Laser Coaching
These one-hour sessions are designed to be dynamic and to-the-point way for a client to get quickly to the core of a specific situation. In the session, clients work with Linda to brainstorm, set a clear and powerful intention and create a plan of action. This kind of coaching is ideal for scenario planning or preparing for a difficult conversation. These sessions are not well suited to strategic planning or long-term development. These coaching sessions are scheduled as needed and held via telephone or Skype. To schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Linda.

Mentoring Session
A 90-minute single session conducted by phone, Skype or in person. Many clients find that they are able to realize Honorable Closure through one focused conversation.

Mentoring Day
A five-hour highly personalized mentoring day with Linda Curtis, which includes:

  • Pre-call to determine the focus and main objectives of the day.
  • An intensive, customized, five-hour in-person or Skype session with Linda.
  • One 30-minute follow-up call two weeks post session.
  • A personalized plan of practices, readings and actions based on the discoveries of the day.

Mentoring Package
For those seeking more in-depth work and support, Linda offers a three- or six-session package. Over a period of weeks or months, clients work with Linda by phone, Skype or in person to navigate the 4-Step Honorable Closure process.

To schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Linda.