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What are your most profound experiences of loss or change?

Was it when you were a kid, and your best friend left your school and moved to another town?

Do you remember leaving your first job?

Perhaps you were once part of a talented team of people that was always working “in the zone,” then the project ended and you had to say good-bye to your cherished workmates?

Or, do you recall the first time you lost someone close to you through death or other unwelcome separation like illness or divorce?

These are real life examples of loss.

They are also situations where we are encouraged to “get closure” whether we know how to do that or not, and whether we really know what that means, or not.

In my work with Honorable Closure, I’ve discovered several misconceptions people have about “getting closure.” For example, many people believe closure involves bringing an end to the complex emotions (sadness, anger, envy, relief) that we naturally experience when something ends.

If you are currently facing the end of a career phase or important relationship, please join me for Finishing School – a one-day experience of Honorable Closure.

I have designed this one-day interactive workshop specifically for people in professional or personal transitions. My 4-Step Process for Honorable Closure will give you a mindful way to move through the transition.

Some of the things we will cover include:

  • What makes closure ‘honorable’ and how that allows for a deeper connection to oneself and others.
  • The three misconceptions people have about Honorable Closure.
  • How to move beyond grudges and regrets.
  • One simple question that can provide perspective and freedom from the past.
  • Identify the important conversations you wish to have now and those you can defer.

This event will have a limited class size to ensure that it is intimate and that every participant gets the attention that they need and deserve. There are also special savings for people who register by May 1st.

Please click here in order to learn more about Finishing School or to reserve your spot or…

Want a Preview? 

On Tuesday, May 10 I held a free webinar and provided an overview of Finishing School, Honorable Closure and answered a few questions. Sorry you missed it, but have no fear! We recorded it for you and here is a link.

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