The Process

Everything has a beginning middle and an end, and many of us are far more comfortable at one stage or another.

No matter what you prefer, eventually all comes to fruition; the project, event, partnership, relationship, whatever, has run its course or for some reason has ended abruptly. Sometimes these completions feel natural and are deeply satisfying. Other times we’re not quite ready for things to be over. Endings happen anyway and Honorable Closure can help you make the best of it.

Honorable Closure is a 4-step process that transforms every ending, exit or good-bye into a fresh start.

Grounded in the timeless wisdom of traditional cultures, Honorable Closure offers a modern way to work with both the joyful and difficult endings that we all encounter, in our lives, in our relationships, and at work.

Understanding the Process
Honorable Closure is a 4-step appreciative inquiry process that is infused by Linda’s life experience.


She mentors individuals, executives and teams who are going through transitional events so that they identify the key learnings from what has gone before, thus strengthening relationships and reaching a dignified completion. After Honorable Closure, people find that they are able to move forward, unencumbered by the past. The process can deepen an individual or team’s capacity to work through future endings with skill and grace.

Is the Honorable Closure Process right for you or your team?
Individuals, executives and teams who have experienced a wide range of transitional events — both personal and professional —  benefit from the Honorable Closure Process. Please click one of the links below to learn more:

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