“Someone told me the Greek god Hermes laughed the world into existence. This suggests that all acts of creation-in life and work-require that we keep our sense of humor. “

– Linda Curtis

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  • "Linda Curtis brings a rare combination of executive presence, presentation savvy, and facilitation skills to her work of teaching and training in mindful living and skillful leadership."

    Marc Lesser CEO, Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute
  • "Linda is a pro and does a great job of connecting with her audience. Her presentation is based on her own life experience, which brings a genuine authenticity to her work. The opportunity for group participation made the session more meaningful. Understanding and practicing Honorable Closure is important in both our professional and personal lives, and Linda provides concrete guidance to take action in a manner we all inherently know we should do, but often don’t know where to begin."

    Mont Levy, JD | Wealth Advisor, Board Member
  • "Linda is a fantastic resource for anyone going through a career transition. I was introduced to her Honorable Closure process while moving from one executive role to another under challenging circumstances. In just one meeting she helped me identify and appreciate the gifts I brought to the process. While it was easy to see what was difficult about my situation, Linda helped me tease out the learnings and positive outcomes of my significant professional shift and how I can use them going forward. She has a lovely calming presence that creates a safe and comfortable space for authentic conversation. I left my session feeling lighter in my head and heart, complete and ready to move on and have already referred another colleague to her."

    Jane B. Non-Profit Executive | San Francisco Bay Area
  • "In mid-December, our team gathered and Linda led us through a process to find some peace and closure after a year of extraordinary change. She created a space for us to pause, reflect, let go, and call forth hope for the future. It was a magnificent way to end the year!”

    Chris Marcell Murchison, M. Ed. HopeLab | Staff Development and Culture | Vice President
  • Linda introduced her process for honorable closure to our team as a way to support us through some challenging staff transitions. Her quietly powerful approach served as a kind of tonic, and provided a supportive framework for all of us to move forward. She ably discerned our situation and attuned her facilitation to the unique needs of the group.

    John Bloom VP, Organizational Culture, RSF Social Finance
  • Thank you so much, Linda, for joining us in Niagara Falls last week. Your keynote was thought-provoking and very well received. Most of the leaders present, and many team members sought me out afterwards to relay their thanks and express interest in learning more.

    D'arcy McDonald VP, Toronto Dominion Bank
  • You have no idea who I am, but I wanted to thank you. A few years ago I was at a conference were you delivered the keynote. I remember having a few minutes of silence at the start of your talk and how calming it was. I've been vaguely interested in meditation every since. I'm really grateful to have this practice in my life, and it all started by hearing you speak

    B. K. Marketing Manager
  • "Linda has the insight and life experience to identify the underlying personal and professional challenges that are holding you back. She helped me develop a workable action plan to address fundamental issues, and then created a supportive atmosphere for useful guidance and feedback."

    Lori Allen Marketing Director
  • "Retiring from a highly visible business position raised many unanticipated issues. Linda actively listened to my concerns and suggested innovative ways to support my transition.. She helped me create a new and satisfying life."

    Diana Gilmore Retired LA Times executive
  • "You have a way of offering more than might be expected and have a good instinct as to when to offer a nudge and when to let the person take the step themselves."

    Ron Collins Investment Advisor
  • "Linda is a knowledgeable business partner who doesn’t tell me what I necessarily want to hear, but what I need to hear. Her strengths include being a great sounding board for me on such topics as sensitive client issues, employee moral and marketing. I recommend Linda without hesitation."

    Jeff Chernitzer WealthQuest Financial Services, LLC | CPA/PFS
  • "I started working with Linda during a major turning point in my business. She helped me maintain my composure and not get mired in unimportant details as I handled the difficult negotiations of selling my interest in a CPA practice. Working with her is like having a business partner with no agenda beyond supporting me."

    William A. Morgan Herbein Wealth Management, LLC | President | CPA/PFS
  • "In a word, Linda was great to work with. She was able to take situations I was confronting and give me meaningful ways to solve them and continue to move forward."

    Andy Hirsch Robert W. Baird & Co | Senior Vice President
  • "Linda, I just wanted to let you know that our business is up over 35% on a year-to-year comparison. I attribute this growth in no small part to the coaching you gave us."

    Claudia H. Barkmeier Robert W. Baird & Co. | Senior Vice President
  • "For several years Linda reported directly to me at Visa, and when I left Visa, I knew she was the right person to coach me through that transition. Any top performing executive who wishes to achieve greater success would do well to call her. I received candid, reliable, totally unbiased support."

    Armen Kachadourian Digital Payments Inc. | President
  • "I was scattered and struggling to discern the next step in my career and hired Linda to help me sort out my options. More than anything, I needed someone sane and objective to talk to. She’s a gentle soul who carries a big stick. I credit Linda with helping me complete the ‘old’ and own my path to the ‘new.’"

    Ann Bamesberger Co3 Group, Ltd. | Principal
  • "Linda is a unique cross between a professional coach and mentor. Her insights have always lead me to see the possibilities that exist in every situation. She is inspiring and motivating. Linda leads by example with grace, dignity and honor. She has been invaluable in my personal growth."

    Emily Kirsch Business Development Executive at FTI Consulting
  • "My CEO was considering me for a promotion, and suggested I prepare by developing more patience and learn to be less directive in my communication style. I choose to work with Linda because she’d walked in my shoes. She taught me many things, but the biggest take away was to slow down, set my intentions and consider what impact I wanted to have in every interaction. I not only got the promotion, but I’m a more effective leader, and a better person as a result of working with her."

    Kaela Forker Clary President and Chief Marketing Office
  • "Linda has a unique combination of business savvy, managerial skills and creative solutions to executive challenges. Faced with extreme business pressures it was imperative that I remain creative and motivating as a leader. Over the six months of our work together I learned how to balance protecting my team from chaos while empowering them to assume full responsibility for their assignments."

    Irene DeJong San Francisco, CA | Vice President and Creative Director
  • "Linda, I want to emphasize how much I appreciate the time you put into making our last gather such a success. The event was very well received. You are a thoughtful, professional moderator and your experience added a unique perspective to the interview with Debra Rossi."

    Linda Perry Board of Directors
  • "One of Linda’s greatest assets is the number of years she has worked as an executive. She can empathize with her coaching clients, who see her as a credible partner in their development as leaders. Her approach is grounded in practical experience. I recommend her without hesitation."

    Ken Caruso MasterCard International | Vice President
  • "Your training helped me return to the world of work on a much larger scale. I felt held, challenged and left feeling hopeful for the future. Thank you so much."

    Arian Young The Intrinisic Group Pty Ltd. | Founding Director
  • "Whatever ending you are facing – whether personal or professional – you need to stop everything you are doing/not doing and take yourself through Linda Curtis’s practical and transformational 4 step process for moving through Honorable Closure to a New Beginning. In a relatively short period of time, her practical exercises and insightful coaching skills empowered me to honorably end a long time business relationship with a friend (which I was dreading) and still retain the friendship and feel more self affirmed moving into my future. This was transformational for me!"

    Michelle Jurika Piedmont, CA
  • "Linda, your Finishing School workshop was exactly what I needed to end things well with my boss as I simultaneously went about purchasing the business from him. Between the class and my one-on-one time with you, I came away with: 1) CLARITY about the actions I need to take right now, 2) LET GO of one pretty big limiting belief, and 3) a practice to keep me grounded during this exciting and exasperating time. Even though the other woman in the course was there to focus on a personal transition, you had a way of adapting the material and making it accessible so we all received value. Every time I talk to you, I walk away feeling calm and clear about what I will do next. I don’t know how you did that, but it is magical to be a part of. We aren’t through working together! I recommend Finishing School to anyone who is going through a personal or professional transition, and wants to bring mindfulness to whatever is ending."

    Delphine Richagneux San Francisco, CA
  • "I first worked with Linda to help me close a 19 year marriage. She brought honour and a peace to the process. The ease at which we transitioned to respect and understanding was remarkable, and I honour that space she helped us create. Linda also helped me as I prepared a TEDxSydney startup grant pitch. As an introvert out of my comfort zone, her wisdom, warmth and practical advice helped me prepare mentally so I was calm, composed and considered to deliver a winning pitch. Linda made a marked difference at two pivotal times in my life. She not only gave me structures that helped me move forward, but more so, when I was lost and didn’t know the questions to ask, she seemed to know what I needed. The elegance and beauty of her spirit shone through in all these sessions. I feel blessed to have met her.”

    Ruth Francis Design Potentials & Forever Pegs | Founding Director