Linda’s Experience

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Executive Coach, Mentor, Teacher

Linda has coached and consulted with hundreds of private and corporate clients from such companies as KPMG, NASDAQ, Visa, Walgreens, Yahoo and MasterCard. An accredited ICF coach and a graduate of the Integral Coaching Program at New Ventures West, she has served on their adjunct faculty to mentor future coaches through the practicum and certification process.

Linda is on the faculty of the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (, the ground-breaking science-based mindfulness and emotional intelligence program developed at Google. She teaches their Search Inside Yourself course inside of Google, and at organizations that include Vanderbilt University, Genentech, the Haas School of Business, Georgetown Universities Institute for Transformational Leadership and LinkedIn.

Life Experience

Linda provides mentoring and consulting that supports individuals, executives and teams to navigate personal and/or professional endings with skill and grace, using a 4-Step process for Honorable Closure.  The endings she has experienced in her own life have made her a passionate advocate of Honorable Closure. Some of these endings include resigning from a thriving 20-year corporate career to start her own consultancy, being officially excommunicated and shunned by her family after leaving the Jehovah’s Witness religion, divorcing her Witness husband, and grieving the loss of her second husband.

Out of that personal experience and her work with clients she created Finishing School – A Gathering for Honorable Closure. The next workshop is scheduled for June 4th, 2016. Learn More about Finishing School here. This work is based on an appreciative inquiry process designed to move the person or team toward a dignified conclusion, so they can step newly into their future, unencumbered by the past. Click here to learn more about the Honorable Closure Process.

Linda has been a moderator and speaker for a wide variety of conferences, summits and professional associations including:, the “Women’s Intelligence Trust” forum hosted by Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Santa Clara Universities Women’s Dialogue Series, Thompson Financial Electronic Payment Conference, The Direct Response Forum, the Federal Reserve Bank, and Toronto Dominion Bank.

One of Linda’s great loves is the joy of writing. She regularly posts to her blog on this website and currently has two books in development.

The first book, “Shunned: How I Lost My Religion and Found Grace” is a memoir about leaving home, breaking free from a cult-like religion at tremendous personal cost, and striking out alone to find happiness and authentic spirituality.  Sign up here and we’ll let you know when the book is available for purchase. An 8-page guide to leaving a religion is also available here.

Linda is currently writing a second book, “Cultivating the Art of Graceful Endings: How Honorable Closure Can Set You Free.” This book is an engaging guide to her 4-Step Honorable Closure Process that utilizes her own life experiences as well as those that have emerged from her work with her corporate and private clients.

Senior Leadership
Linda has held a variety of leadership positions at U.S. Bancorp, The Harris Bank of Chicago and Visa. During her tenure at Visa USA, she led a national team, negotiating multi-million dollar agreements with Fortune 500 companies. Linda was regularly interviewed by the financial industry press and has been quoted in such publications as American Banker, Transaction World, CardFax, National Restaurant Association, The LA Times and the Boston Globe.

Linda attended DePaul University where she studied organizational development and has done post-graduate work at the University of Chicago’s Graham School of Continuing Education, and Visa’s Bank Card Management School.

Linda lives in Sausalito, California.